Diary of Jane when a tired writer decides to procrastinate on her story, she does it here.
Cover For Jsights

Honestly this one’s which I like the most ;)

More Covers!

I’ve made two more covers for fellow writers from JulNo forum. Here they are.



Things To Do

So here is my to-do-list:

1. Finishing my WIP (Fire and Ice, the first book of the trilogy).
2. Editing my WIP.
3. Plotting for JulNoWriMo novel.
4. Watching Gossip Girl until season 3.
5. Watching first season of Glee.
6. Packing for Australia.

PS: The ones with strikethrough are finished.

Twitter Over Capacity

…all the time.

It sucks. Yes.

By the way I’ve just opened my Facebook account which I always neglect all the time, only to accept friend requests. There were around 75 requests and not more than 10 were accepted. Damn those people with excessive names (like, Cool Boy; bla bla bla (No Cry); etc etc etc).

When We Die - Bowling For Soup

"…and the tattooed mistakes are gonna fade over time."


Sinlui-ers: the graduation day is on June 14th at 4:00 PM, according to Mrs. Ika :)

(wear rompi, maybe)

My Mourning Morning.

Good morning, world, or afternoon, whatever.
Today I woke up with runny nose (still), tummy ache, headache, etc etc etc. That made me a whiner; quite explainable, eh? :(
But at least I’ve done with working on a cover for a member of JulNo forum (yayy me). It’s not that good, but oh well, at least I’ve tried. And yes, I’m still working on my novel. It’s at the chapter before the epilogue (yayyyyy again!) and it’s at the scene where the MMC asks for forgiveness from his GF. Classic, blah blah, I knooooo. My novel’s a crap. :X
Okay, now… back to posting at the forum, twittering, lastfm-ing, and finally… writing.

Here’s the cover I’ve made for Darkhorserunner:

The case is closed and I’m covered in your fingerprints.
Fallen - Death In The Park feat Hayley Williams


(via jessicasundaylouise)



(via jessicasundaylouise)


Last FM

New Moon (The Meadow) - Alexandre Desplat

My most recent song to call my muse. Thanks for the man with awesome fingers

My JulNoWriMo 2010 Banner

My JulNoWriMo 2010 Banner
JulNo 2010

Okay, have just taken a bath and this brilliant idea came to my head. Thanks to my muse.

Now I’m ready to do JulNo!

The idea is pretty simple; it was inspired by Gossip Girl if anyone would like to know. It’s about a girl who once was a queen in her school before she moved to another elite school in NY. She has dark past that forced her to restart her life. That’s when she meets a dark haired boy who has been injured by an incident and suffers from amnesia. They soon become friends, and things go smoothly, until one day, people start to act weird toward the boy.


Yes, the boy isn’t human.

AARGH! It’s the second time I make a story that the MMC isn’t a human. So it’s again.

I hate my muse sometimes. *grumbles*

But that’s it. *grins* At least now I’m ready, so hello, JulNo. Anyone would like to join me? :D

The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships.
Abraham Lincoln

High school never ends! I love you all, Sinlui 07-10!

High school never ends! I love you all, Sinlui 07-10!
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